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Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. It is…

Here for YOU

This simple statement is at the heart of this business – these words are the reason for the business existing, they drive the standards within the business, and most importantly they are our promise to YOU.

S.D. Brown Funeral Directors Ltd has and continues to develop and offer the best complete bereavement solution for the residents of Lisburn and it’s surrounding districts.

From your first contact with David Brown- who will be your personal Funeral Director, through the making of all arrangements for the funeral, care of the loved one, grave purchasing and opening, managing the burial to your requirements, to the aftercare of the grave and the provision of a memorial, organising every aspect before, during and after, I promise….

I will be Here for YOU.

S.D.Brown Funeral Directors will listen to you, give you advise, and help you through these difficult hours and days….I promise we are

Here for YOU.

David Brown


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S.D. Brown Funeral Directors Ltd
Sackville Street
BT27 4AB

T: 02892677722
M: 07912944371
E: head.stoneman@hotmail.co.uk